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Coil Turn 4

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This is not a guide per say but there are many things that can be learned. It's kind of hard to write a guide when you haven't beaten it anyway. I suppose I post this as a way of talking about what might work best for people in the FC.

From reading and watching a few vids it seems there is something on Rooks that can be silenced. What it is I don't know. Also, juggernaut will eat the bugs if they are near each other. This seems to be what everyone is doing who has had success, however it seems to also give the Juggernaut a buff for each bug eaten. I don't know what buff it is but I would say its similar to what the Tonberry King gets in WP when you kill a mini Tonberry.


This gives a few good hints at where to stand, what mobs are most dangerous, how to handle other mobs that don't even need to be dps'd etc.
I hate when I'm tanking Praetorium or Castrum as Bard and a Warrior or Paladin keeps pulling off of me!
Posted Oct 15, 13 · OP
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Mr happy posted a video walk thru about this today.
Posted Oct 15, 13
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